You’ve been told throughout your life that you should save up a month’s salary for an engagement ring- but throw that advice out the window. Engagement rings can be expensive, but there’s no reason you can’t save on yours. Let’s learn some advice on saving on engagement rings from John Atencio.

Shop Around

If you’re only shopping at one location, you’re doing yourself a disservice. An engagement ring can be a large investment, so be smart about it. You wouldn’t shop at only one dealership for a new vehicle and you wouldn’t get only one estimate for a roof replacement – so why would you visit only one jewelry store? Shopping around is the best way to get an overview of prices across the jewelry landscape.

Shop Online

What if you find the perfect ring but it’s $300 over your budget? Look online. When you shop online you’re able to visit multiple outlets and sites all from the comfort of your home. If you find something you like, look it up online to figure out where you can get the best price.

Alternatives to Diamond

When you think engagement rings you probably think diamonds, but there’s much more to engagement rings than the classic (and expensive) diamond. Consider other stones like sapphires, rubies, or lab-grown gems. The only thing special about a diamond is the myth created around it.

Alternatives to Expensive Precious Metals

High-end precious metals like platinum or gold are the top materials for wedding bands and engagement rings, but you pay for it. Platinum and gold look great but there are other great alternatives like gold alloys, silvers, and non-traditional metals like zirconium. Choosing these instead of gold or platinum can significantly drop the price.

Be Firm on Budget

It’s easy to get carried away with a smooth-talking salesperson and spring for over-budget but this is not a great way to begin a life together. Set up a maximum budget and stick to it. Speak with jewelry store staff about your price range and stay firm.

Engagement rings can be pricey, but you don’t have to shell out thousands. Shop smart and use the advice above to get a ring that your future beloved will love for their life, and that won’t start your marriage out in debt.