Business travelers are constantly presented with unique challenges. Challenges with their hotel, air travel, and other logistics can add up to create a stressful experience. That is, unless they know a few key things about how to travel smarter, not harder.

To gain an edge in the world of business travel, integrate these three travel hacks that every businessperson should know.

Business Travel Hack #1: Nix the checked bag.

One of the most easily avoidable travel expenses for those who are constantly on the road is the fee charged by airlines for checked luggage. Commercial aircraft operators like Spirit Airlines are not bashful about charging insanely high checked bag fees. In some cases, you could end up spending a whopping $150 per checked bag if the weight and dimensions exceed airline allowances.

To thwart these insidious fees, it pays to consolidate, consolidate, consolidate. This means streamlining your packing process to remove whatever is not completely necessary for your trip. Take a long, hard look at what you’re used to packing, and try to reduce it down to what will fit into a single carry-on bag. Your wallet will thank you for the right-sizing.

Business Travel Hack #2: Make your reservations in advance using official apps.

Just about every single travel services company, from Expedia to Avis, has a mobile app that allows you to book reservations as far in advance as you please. The reason it pays to use these apps is because modifications to your itinerary can be made on-the-fly (no pun intended), and support is almost always just a tap away. In fact, some travel companies will incentivize you to use their apps by providing you with special discounts.

Because most of the larger travel services app are password-protected and encrypted, you don’t have to worry about your sensitive financial information being leaked or compromised.

Business Travel Hack #3: Just say ‘no’ to using anything but a credit card with usage perks.

This could be the easiest mistake to avoid if you’re a constant business traveler. Don’t ever use a debit card for travel expenses. Here’s why: first of all, you’re not protected against many types of financial fraud, should that happen.

Also, by using a debit card, you’re opting out of lucrative perks programs like airline miles and hotel points. Investigate what is on offer from travel services providers in your area. You might be surprised to learn that you could earn completely free airfare and hotel stays just by using these cards for your travel!

Now that you know how to travel more effectively and efficiently, you can get more out of your weekly or monthly business trips. Enjoy the benefits of being a savvy business traveler!