Which do you use? An iPhone, or an Android-based mobile phone? If you have a tablet, is it an iPad, or is it one of the dozens of alternatives that run on the Android operating system? Those who are fans of either camp are often passionately devoted to their technology-of-choice. But, is one objectively better than the other?

We here at Start Talking Ideas think that yes, there is a clear superior in this match between Apple’s IOS platform and Google’s Android. To put some substance behind this argument, here are three reasons we can think of that support our claim that IOS is clearly better than Android.

Reason #1: IOS has a longer history of development, and therefore more refined functioning.

Apple officially launched their IOS operating system in June of 2007. Google, on the other hand, didn’t release their Android product until November of the same year. Now, you may be thinking that 4 months isn’t that long of a time, but in the world of technology, 4 months is an eternity! This jumpstart gave IOS the user feedback it needed to enhance the product, resulting in the masterpiece that it is today.

Reason #2: IOS provides a consistent experience across multiple hardware devices. Android does not.

The dirty little secret about Google’s Android is that not every user experiences it the same. A large component of the Android user experience relies heavily on the hardware that is being used. Alternatively, Apple has made their IOS operating system so consistent across multiple devices that it’s almost the identical look and feel regardless what exact device is being used.

Reason #3: Android RAM portability is outdated and unnecessary. IOS cloud storage is clearly superior.

It used to be a selling point for Android systems: use a memory card to swap data between devices. Today, this is not even something most people are looking for in a new consumer electronic device. The cloud has memory tackled, and there simply isn’t a need for ported memory cards in cell phones anymore.

As you can see, there’s a lot more about IOS to love when compared with Android. Which one do you prefer? Are there things about Android that you simply won’t give up? Tell us your thoughts. Regardless of which one you prefer, it seems like there will always be someone who thinks differently! And, that’s what we’re all about here at StartTalkingIdeas.org – alternative perspectives.

We’ll see you next time!